Yoga Teacher Training

A Wholistic & Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Course. 

The Radiant Light Yoga Teacher Training course is approved and recognized by Yoga Australia. For details on the course download an application below.

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This Course is based on an experiential understanding of Yoga. We view yoga teaching as a healing art. If you plan to teach, it will give you a deep understanding of the many facets of yoga. You will receive the knowledge and skills you need to teach others safely and effectively. If you don’t plan to teach, this course will take you into a full immersion experience of yoga and a deep journey into yourself. You may then find yourself sharing informally with others.


The course covers

  • Detailed understanding of poses, including safety precautions, benefits, & alignment.
  • Pranayama (breath/energy control) practices and how to teach them.
  • Meditation: how to establish a daily practice & how to teach it.
  • Yoga Philosophy including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.
  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Specialised Classes for seniors, pregnancy, and children.
  • The Art of Teaching including Hands-on adjustments and teaching as
    a healing art.
  • Guidance and Support in a nurturing environment.
  • Study of mantras, mudras, and bandhas.
  • Devotional chanting.
  • Intro and exploration of the principles and daily regimes of Ayurveda
  • Karma Yoga-opportunities for selfless service


To be a yoga teacher is a privilege and a responsibility.
Far from just an exercise instructor, he or she can be a beacon of light that ripples out in many unseen ways to uplift and change lives. By devoted and consistent practice of the many tools of yoga, the mind is purified, the body becomes strong and supple, and the energy channels become clear and free-flowing.Thus the yogi has the potential of channelling the power of Spirit unhindered by the fetters of the ego. Radiant Light Yoga Teacher Training is a full immersion into the Path of Yoga. Those students who are seeking to deepen their personal practice will find all aspects of the yoga lifestyle offered in a comprehensive and transformative way.

Those who aspire to serve others as teachers of yoga will gain the tools they need to meet the needs of every person-young or old, raw beginners to advanced.

The asanas are taught with an emphasis on balancing strength with flexibility to ensure a sustainable practice to last a lifetime. Careful attention is given to safe alignment for ultimate benefits.
In RLY teaching, the pose is modified to the needs of the individual, rather than trying to mold the person to a superimposed idea of how the asana should look.

Teaching thus with compassion, the quality of the RLY practice is a yoga journey into Spirit. Each practice is a seamless flow of smooth transitions between poses, creating a smooth, soul-nurturing experience.
The most important criteria for acceptance into the course is a sincere desire to be of service to others, to live a yogic lifestyle, and a commitment to meditation.

Our teacher training will be held at Nataraja Yoga Temple on 30 acres in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

Comments about the Course

“The Radiant Light Yoga Teacher Training Course has transformed my life.  We tend to think that we have lots of time in the future in which to attain self mastery and self realisation, but one never really knows their allotted time on the planet, so the sooner we find good teachers and begin our work, the better. RLY begins cutting through the bonds of ignorance from day one of the course.  As the course progresses, along with the superb curriculum,  it is the degree of self application to your RLY prescribed sadhana (spiritual practices) which influences the style and calibre of your Yoga teaching.  There are no short cuts in this supportive yet demanding course, and yet all participants thoroughly enjoy the course and eventually have their best unique qualities unveiled and encouraged.  To all sincere seekers and aspiring Yoga teachers, if your intuition is telling you that now is the time for you to advance forward on your path, then pending course availability with RLY, I highly recommend that you take advantage of this amazing opportunity for knowledge and growth”.
Namaste   R. C. 

Radiant Light Yoga Teacher Training doesn’t just strengthen your yoga practice and body, or teach us to teach good alignment and safe practice – it reaches deep into the very centre of your being and creates a transformation that is not describable in words.
Adam and Akash don’t simply teach us to be teachers: they are embodiments of Yoga, sharing their wisdom and love of this science of the soul. In doing so they help us to explore all we can be, and inspire us to share this path with our own students, with peace, love and joy in our hearts.

Radiant Light Yoga teacher training is a deep and comprehensive exploration of yoga in a supportive and nurturing environment, guided by the wisdom, experience, and absolute dedication to the path of yoga by Adam and Akash. This transformative journey equipped me with tools to guide my students and for my own self-discovery, instilled confidence to teach yoga, and inspired me to wholeheartedly embrace the path of yoga. J.O.

“RLYTT is a deeply transformative experience that stills the mind, strengthens the body, enlightens the heart, and reveals the authenticity of being human.  It is a true gift to receive these ancient teachings by teachers who embody the wisdom of yoga. ”
Y. U.

“The most powerful and profound experience of my life to date… this course will absolutely change your life… for the better. ”


“The RLY teacher-training course is a powerfully transformative experience. Real growth happens when we step outside of our comfort zone.

Within an environment of authenticity and compassion, and guided by the light of their deep knowledge and life-long experience of yoga, Adam and Akash guide us to reach for and explore our very edge, allowing for significant breakthroughs physically, psychologically and spiritually.”

In taking this course, I’ve gained a thorough understanding of asana, healing adjustments, pranayam, mantra, meditation, anatomy and physiology, metaphysical anatomy and yogic philosophy. My personal practice has deepened immensely and I have the knowledge, tools and confidence to share this joy with others.”

RLY teacher-training course has transformed me as a human being, pushing me into new realms of my potential, and I will not look back.””RLY teacher-training is true growth, and pure joy!”


“As a result of studying with Adam & Akash, my body is stronger and more flexible, I feel my body wisdom increasing all the time. Thursdays at Ytt are always the best day of the week! Being able to immerse myself in the flow and the teachings for a whole day a week is such a blessing. I have so many tools now to help me to cope with the us and downs of life: YTT has provided such a fantastic range from meditation, mudra, asana, introspection, the whole system of yoga indeed! The structure of the course itself is the best I have experienced yet, and I’ve been a student my whole life! I find the day flows so well, the structure is consistent with the teaching, information is given in manageable size,
the teaching is given from experience and from the heart, anatomy is really fun…I could go on and on….But the point is it’s the most enjoyable course I’ve ever attended! You’ve restored my faith that not all education has to be disappointing. Thank you!”J.W.

fire circle
“This course has changed my life (is still changing my life) for the better. It has given me a path to follow. Where before I was lost for a direction to go, with this course I have found the way to live my life, it’s like coming home. I am becoming more disciplined, with yoga and meditation and this flows into my life.The course has also shown me how to listen to my body, to go deeper and ask questions of my body, mind and soul. Having a cellular acceptance/knowledge of body wisdom. It has made me aware of the Divine/God once again and the ability to ask for help and trust in all that is given. All these things the course has done for me and more. I am forever thankful that you accepted me on the course, it has put me on the right path. Thank you so much.”J. G.

“It’s been a life changing journey of self discovery, and the changes in my life have been massive. Each week I feel transformed and many things have been brought into the light for me. The course has illuminated the path of devotion and brought me onto a yogic way of life. I feel my body, mind, and soul much more awake, strong, and ready to serve.”D. H.“There is no financial exchange grand enough to repay you all for your
soul healing teachings blessings & unconditional love. It is the
carrying forth of the sacred radiant light flame of your teachings, service & love that I can best express my gratitude.You are  angels in human form. “F.A.

The changes I’ve experienced as a result of participating in the RLY course is hard to put into words because when I think about it, my hearts floods with light and gratitude, wordlessly joyous. I know that at the start of the course and for many years of practicing yoga, I was still silently struggling with experiencing santosha (contentment) as a larger percentage of my waking life. Within my practice there was peace but for some reason, this space would dissipate fairly quickly leaving my heart and mind reeling from different internal and external pushes and pulls. I still felt unanchored. Through the inspirational course and a steady practice of meditation, receiving loving support and guidance, and the weekly connection with the land, something shifted and I slowly recognized the fire in my centre and I feel it burning brighter. I feel clearer and renewed.Y.W.

Changes in my life as a result of this course have been profound. Everyday I feel more and more centred, I now surrender daily to the will of God and offer myself as a living sacrifice to be used where and as required. My mind was very restless and caught by certain habits before starting this course. My mind has become calmer, and habits have dropped away without having used willpower or force. I am slowly learning the value of being quiet, and am seeking more solitude. I believe that this generates a reservoir of energy and peace that can be shared with people, deliberately, or just by being present. I am becoming more my real self and having the courage to show my heart, which has opened up as a result of this course. I see the practices learned, as lifelong practices, and pray for the opportunity to share my learning’s with others in the world God willing.R.C.


So much growth has occurred each day since beginning the course. On a broad level, yoga has become a lifestyle and a way of being; not just a practice restricted to the mat. On the physical plane I am much more selective in the environments I choose be in, the company I surround myself with, the activities I do, the music I listen to, and the food I eat. I am much more equipped to discriminate what I choose to bring into my life, and interestingly I seem to attract what I need into my life. Now I am so much more at ease with just being; and when I am acting I focus on the action being karma yoga.I have created spaciousness in my mind and life – a spaciousness I don’t feel inclined to fill with anything other than sadhana (Spiritual practice). My practice has become my priority in life – I feel that if it were to let that go everything else would fall to the wayside.I am so grateful for this opportunity and that you, Adam and Akash, have shared the sacred teachings of yoga. Thank you for the everlasting inspiration and for your great joy and devotion- you are true role models and spiritual teachers. Jai guru! Om shanti shanti shanti.”J.O.


The changes in my life since I started this course have been enormous. They started really even before the course began with cutting out alcohol and taking better care of my body. On a physical level my body feels much better than it has – probably ever in my life.

I am practising yoga every day and meditating every night regardless of how tired I feel.

I am teaching yoga to my friends at work and sharing some of the joy that I have found in my yoga practise.

deckchantBefore I started the course I was in a space where I was considering moving away from the Sunshine Coast because I was feeling very isolated and lonely but through meeting the other participants on the course and becoming a part of the yoga community here that is very much a thing of the past. I often reflect on that and feel that finding Radiant Light Yoga was the reason that I moved to the Coast in the first place because of the intense joy it has brought into my life. I often find myself reflecting on the many, many blessings and wonderful people that the yoga journey has brought into my life. I find that I face challenges in life on a much more level basis and am much more detached and open to whatever comes from whatever is happening in life. I am not always perfect but am learning to let go of judgement and to try to

always be in a deep heart space when dealing with people – but I also forgive myself when I am less than perfect instead of beating myself up over little things.

I am learning to let go of my “I’m not good enough” story that I’ve carried around with me for a really long time. I absolutely adore Kirtans;AND I cannot believe it but I have also come to totally love Trikonasana and rotated Trikonasana (Adam said we would one day and I just didn’t believe him at the time).



Your Teachers, Adam & Maaji.

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