Nataraja Yoga Temple

“A sacred space to step into, Pulsing with prana and joy, Nataraja is a divine place growing more powerful and spiritually-charged each time I return. Adam and Akash are amazing beings put on this plane to guide and inspire us with such heart, pure devotion and wisdom. I feel so blessed to be receiving and sharing their divine teachings.”

“A sense of relief and calm floods through me when driving through the gates of Nataraja – it’s the returning home to a spiritual oasis admidst the externally pulling nature of the world and humdrum of life. A place to be still, to connect to the inner self and nature, and bathe in the collective energetic vibration of all those who are drawn to practice yoga, meditate and celebrate the Divine in this space.” N.

“Nataraj Yoga Temple is a sanctuary in the hills.
As I start to drive out there, I feel myself unwinding from the demands of society and entering a place that inspires the temple of the Self. From the beautifully hand crafted gates and lovingly manicured lawns and gardens, to the sounds of divine song and great learning, there is an all pervading presence and love that restores the soul nature and supports the spiritual journey.”


“Nataraja temple is one of the most precious Yoga temples I have visited. The sattvic energy of the property resonates within, from the moment you tread foot on the feels like entering the temple of my heart; still, divine, full of love, close to Spirit and One with all.”

“Nataraja temple built with great love and bare hands stands proud and tall on special hand picked land, lovingly welcoming souls from everywhere. A place to meditate, chant and embrace the art of Yoga, Nataraja is simply pure nourishment to my body, mind and soul.”

“Nataraja feels like coming home. The energy is intoxicating. When I come there I feel all my possibilities become real.”

“Nataraja feels tranquil, peaceful and serene. Being in the temple and looking out at the lush hinterland is very calming and uplifting and you feel enveloped in nature’s beauty.”

“Studying at the nataraja yoga temple is a joyful and uplifting experience on all levels – it is such a beautiful place to be. The loving, supportive, and enlivening energy of the temple meets me even before I get to the gate.“