Kirtans and Events

 Divine Mother   

Divine Mother Kirtan and Yagya

6pm Sunday October 10th
at the yagya shala
bring 3 flowers

 Guru Stars    

Kirtan around the fire

Guru Purnima
bring a flower

Saturday July 24th
7 pm
$10 entry
includes chai


Krishna’s Birthday Celebration

Saturday August 28th
7 pm
Stories Theater Chanting
Blessings from Shri Krishna!
Chai and Blessed Sweets
$15 entry


Chanting lights a purifying flame in the heart,


cleansing the mind, the body, and the spirit.


Chanting awakens the devotion


that burns up all delusion


and brings us to rest at last


at the sacred feet


of God’s Presence.


Chanting Bliss

by Sanjaya

Closing eyes to other worlds, inner gaze expands and holds;

A gentle ache of heart-space waking, to places deep of Divine making.

The first notes sound to reach and probe,
Devotions sweet and pure abode,

Self-conscious bonds of earth chains shatter,
Lifting thought from clouded matter.

Rhythms pulse in spheres of light, shining out from beings bright,

God and angels join and merge, immersing all to heal and purge.

Crescendo’s ripple the Eternal ocean, soul cries deep are set in motion;

Softness descends as warm tears kiss, the
Beloved’s feet in chanting bliss.