Temple classes resume June 6th

We have available 2 Yoga Flows, one with maaji and one with adamji, as online DVD’s.
These cost $25, you can watch as often as you like once purchased.
If you would like to access these dvd’s, please email ella for the details: ella.mitton@nullgmail.com

We offer yoga classes, yoga teacher training, kirtans, fire ceremonies, and meditation
on the Sunshine Coast, near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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If you would like to email us about our ongoing yoga classes, or for any other queries, write to: akash@nullradiantlightyoga.com

“The Radiant Light Yoga framework is a balanced, flowing, prana-focused template in which the teacher & practitioner is ushered into the sacred journey of Yoga & carried through the sequence on the river of integration, soul-awakening guidance and safe body alignment.”