Sadhana Days

Support for your Spiritual Practice


On the First Sunday of Every Month….

A special one day retreat to support you on your path

that includes:

  • morning in silence,
  • chanting and meditation,
  • asana practice
  • ayurvedic breakfast, lunch & chai
  • walking meditation
  • fire ceremony
  • philosophy class

Starting at 7:30 am and ending at 4:30 pm.
Cost: $85.

please read our yoga student guidelines before coming to the temple


“Every month at Sadhana Day I collect the precious gifts and delights of kirtan, meditation, walking meditation  on the land,  great asana practice, priceless inspiration from yoga scriptures so intuituvely and skillfully interpreted, deep relaxation and profound intuitive insight and  joy. In good weather the day ends with a fire ceremony.
So profound, ancient and so current!


Sadhana Days mark the passing year, they allow the time to pause, review, and course correct, they inspire and guide my practice for the month to come.
With much gratitude for the ever new gifts of Sadhana Days!”


“I’ve been so grateful for Sadhana Days.
This monthly retreat has been instrumental for me in finding new strength, love and dedication for my work, restoring my health and most importantly, reconnecting with yoga teachings and practice at a very deep level.

Akash, Adam and Radha teach by example. Their sincerity on the yogic path, the depth of their own practice, dedication to their work, their Devotion, genuine compassion and loving support provide an inspiration, a refuge and a home for sincere seekers.”


“Sadhana Day is a beacon to me through the month – knowing I will have this day of peace and deep re-connection to my wellbeing and intentions. 


Somehow every visit is different, but always uplifting.   I love everything about this day – the peaceful location, the bliss evoking chanting and meditation, the perfectly balanced yoga program…..and that is just the morning and I haven’t mentioned the beautiful food and chai yet!   

If you have ever thought about doing something SPECIAL for yourself and the Universal energy….do go along and try Sadhana Day – I am sure you will be delighted.”

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