Radiant Light Kirtan CD 

A joyful, beautiful live kirtan CD overflowing with Bhakti (Devotion)!
Divine harmonies and soulful chanting to uplift and inspire you.




Flow into stillness with this energizing yoga flow sequence. Your guide is Adam Bornstein who skilfully leads you through Sun Salutation variations with standing poses, a floor series, an inverted sequence and on to a deeply nourishing guided relaxation. Concludes with Pranayama and a short Meditation.



In Master’s Love CD 

Saturated with devotion,this music has the power to uplift and comfort, to bring in the Guru’s blessings and to cleanse the environment.
Because it is instrumental it is appropriate anywhere, anytime where chanting may not be.
Our favorite yoga music as well as cleaning…cooking…resting…driving…the Guru chants will rotate constantly through the consciousness as you hear the familiar melodies. You can chant out loud, or silently within. Jai Guru!



Pathways into Meditation

with Adam Bornstein

Four guided meditations with mantra and pranayama



Devotion CD

This wonderful compilation of favorite RLY chants includes a booklet with words and chords for harmonium players and guitarists.

The chants on the CD are sung by Radha in a smooth, soothing style that is perfect for chanting, yoga, healing work, or to surround you with angels as you go to sleep.

Her crystal clear voice carries the sacred vibration of the chants to a deep level to purify the mind and body.



Yoga Journey with Akash CD

Grounding and Expansive Strengthening and Relaxing Uplifts and Inspires

This audio sequence is intended for students with some experience in yoga who would like to deepen their practice and their sadhana. Includes guided deep relaxation an musical soundtrack by Radiant Light.



The Seeker CD

“The Seeker” is simple, moving, earthy and passionate. The songs are a reflection of the inner search for truth, as well as the simple joy of living close to nature. The lyrics are either Radha’s own, or the words of great poet-saints like Rumi, Mirabai and the Buddha. Radha’s latest album will uplift your spirit and take you on a soul-stirring journey within.






Beautiful beyond words; you can sit and meditate through this entire CD, or perfect to practice or teach yoga asana, or listen in your car to keep you in a constant state of bliss in any circumstance, resting in the stable state of the True Self.



Yoga Flow with Akash CD

This cd provides a balanced Radiant Light practice with the beautiful and stirring original “Pranadance” music.



Yoga with Adam

A nourishing and balanced sequence for newcomers and beginning yoga students. Includes a guided relaxation and a short meditation. Available on DVD.



Yoga with Akash
(beginner to intermediate)

Experience the unifying sequences of yoga postures complemented by a guided deep relaxation.

Filmed in the rainforest of the Sunshine Coast with beautiful flute melodies. Available on VHS or DVD.



Yoga with Akash
(intermediate to advanced)

Take a journey into your deepest Self with this balanced and strengthening intermediate yoga practice, Radiant Light Yoga co-founder Nila Bornstein guides your way towards greater power, flexibility, and inner joy.

Filmed in the exquisite beauty of the Santosha Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Featuring a moving, energizing, and relaxing original soundtrack by Herrin Larkan.

This 74 minute practice will bring your personal practice to a whole new level. The Radiant Light Yoga System combines body and energy awareness, power & flexibility with devotion and spirit. Available on VHS or DVD.



Audio Yoga Class CD

Adam Bornstein leads you on this 74 minute Radiant Light Yoga experience, designed to strengthen and balance your body, open your heart, and uplift your spirit.

Appropriate for all levels of practitioners. Includes a guided deep relaxation.



Rasayana – Kindle CD

Fiery Hymns – Earthy Rhythms Uplifting Harmonies

A dynamic, soul-stirring blend of drumkit, bass, acoustic guitar, djembe and moving vocals.





Fierce Compassion CD

Radha Bornsteins Fierce Compassion

Soulful passionate original  love songs to God, to awaken the divine yearning in every heart. A magical mix of hauntingly beautiful vocals with guitar and djembe, chimes, and rattles, poetry and mantra.



Mystical Mantras CD

A musical journey of Divine Love weaving hauntingly beautiful vocals with transforming mantras



Jewel Lotus CD

Jewel Lotus is the perfect CD to bring the magic of devotion into everything you do. Wonderful easy to sing with bhajans in with guitar, harmonium, djembe and flute to awaken the divine love within.



RLY stickers!

Beautiful 14cm X 14cm stickers of the Radiant Light Yantra.


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