Weekly Group Meditations

Wednesday Mornings.

5:45 a.m. energization exercises of Yogananda

6:00 a.m. Chant, Pranayam, Reading, Meditation until 7:00 am

Feel free to enter during the Energization or Chant,
but if meditation has begun,
please do not enter the temple.

No Charge

Friday Evenings

World Peace Meditations

We have a World Peace Meditation every Friday evening.
We begin chanting at 5:45 at Shanti Mandir.

We will begin with a chant, reading, and pranayam, then meditate until 7:00 ending with group prayers for World Peace.
No charge.


The following guidelines are for the Wednesday morning and Friday night meditations, as well as special meditations such as on sadhana day and Christmas.

They do NOT apply to our yoga classes.

Please enter or leave temple ONLY during chanting.
Once meditation has begun please do not disturb those meditating.

Never lie down in the temple during meditation. You can use a chair if needed.

The Wednesday and Friday meditations last approximately 1 hour.

If you need help with meditation techniques,to help you to sit for one whole hour, please email maaji: